DEP0104: process.env 字符串强制转换

类型: 仅文档(支持 --pending-deprecation

将非字符串属性赋值给 process.env 时,赋值隐式转换为字符串。 如果分配的值不是字符串、布尔值或数字,则此行为已弃用。 将来,这样的赋值可能会导致抛出错误。 请先将该属性转换为字符串,然后再将其分配给 process.env

Type: Documentation-only (supports --pending-deprecation)

When assigning a non-string property to process.env, the assigned value is implicitly converted to a string. This behavior is deprecated if the assigned value is not a string, boolean, or number. In the future, such assignment might result in a thrown error. Please convert the property to a string before assigning it to process.env.