DEP0009: 没有摘要的 crypto.pbkdf2

类型: 生命结束

在 Node.js 6.0 中,不指定摘要的 crypto.pbkdf2() API 已弃用,因为该方法默认使用非推荐的 'SHA1' 摘要。 以前,打印过弃用警告。 从 Node.js 8.0.0 开始,在 digest 设置为 undefined 的情况下调用 crypto.pbkdf2()crypto.pbkdf2Sync() 将抛出 TypeError

从 Node.js v11.0.0 开始,在 digest 设置为 null 的情况下调用这些函数将打印弃用警告,以与 digestundefined 时的行为保持一致。

但是现在,通过 undefinednull 将抛出 TypeError

Type: End-of-Life

Use of the crypto.pbkdf2() API without specifying a digest was deprecated in Node.js 6.0 because the method defaulted to using the non-recommended 'SHA1' digest. Previously, a deprecation warning was printed. Starting in Node.js 8.0.0, calling crypto.pbkdf2() or crypto.pbkdf2Sync() with digest set to undefined will throw a TypeError.

Beginning in Node.js v11.0.0, calling these functions with digest set to null would print a deprecation warning to align with the behavior when digest is undefined.

Now, however, passing either undefined or null will throw a TypeError.