file: URL

如果用于解析模块的 import 说明符具有不同的查询或片段,则会多次加载模块。

import './foo.mjs?query=1'; // 加载具有 "?query=1" 查询的 ./foo.mjs
import './foo.mjs?query=2'; // 加载具有 "?query=2" 查询的 ./foo.mjs

可以通过 ///、或 file:/// 引用卷根。 鉴于网址和路径解析的差异(例如百分比编码细节),建议在导入路径时使用 url.pathToFileURL

Modules are loaded multiple times if the import specifier used to resolve them has a different query or fragment.

import './foo.mjs?query=1'; // loads ./foo.mjs with query of "?query=1"
import './foo.mjs?query=2'; // loads ./foo.mjs with query of "?query=2"

The volume root may be referenced via /, //, or file:///. Given the differences between URL and path resolution (such as percent encoding details), it is recommended to use url.pathToFileURL when importing a path.