DEP0083: 通过将 ecdhCurve 设置为 false 来禁用 ECDH

类型: 生命结束。

tls.createSecureContext()tls.TLSSocketecdhCurve 选项可以设置为 false 以仅在服务器上完全禁用 ECDH。 在准备迁移到 OpenSSL 1.1.0 并与客户端保持一致时,此模式已弃用,现在不受支持。 改用 ciphers 参数。

Type: End-of-Life.

The ecdhCurve option to tls.createSecureContext() and tls.TLSSocket could be set to false to disable ECDH entirely on the server only. This mode was deprecated in preparation for migrating to OpenSSL 1.1.0 and consistency with the client and is now unsupported. Use the ciphers parameter instead.