querystring.unescape() 方法在给定的 str 上执行网址百分比编码字符的解码。

querystring.unescape() 方法被 querystring.parse() 使用,通常不会被直接使用。 导出它主要是为了允许应用程序代码在必要时通过将 querystring.unescape 分配给替代函数来提供替代的解码实现。

默认情况下,querystring.unescape() 方法将尝试使用 JavaScript 内置的 decodeURIComponent() 方法进行解码。 如果失败,则将使用更安全的不会因格式错误的网址而抛出错误的同类方法。

The querystring.unescape() method performs decoding of URL percent-encoded characters on the given str.

The querystring.unescape() method is used by querystring.parse() and is generally not expected to be used directly. It is exported primarily to allow application code to provide a replacement decoding implementation if necessary by assigning querystring.unescape to an alternative function.

By default, the querystring.unescape() method will attempt to use the JavaScript built-in decodeURIComponent() method to decode. If that fails, a safer equivalent that does not throw on malformed URLs will be used.