如果 Node.js 进程是从 IPC 通道衍生出来的(参见子进程集群的文档),则 process.disconnect() 函数会关闭到父进程的 IPC 通道,以允许子进程一旦没有其他链接来保持活跃就优雅地关闭。

调用 process.disconnect() 的效果和父进程调用 ChildProcess.disconnect() 的一样。

如果 Node.js 进程不是从 IPC 通道衍生出来的,则调用 process.disconnect() 将会返回 undefined

If the Node.js process is spawned with an IPC channel (see the Child Process and Cluster documentation), the process.disconnect() method will close the IPC channel to the parent process, allowing the child process to exit gracefully once there are no other connections keeping it alive.

The effect of calling process.disconnect() is the same as calling ChildProcess.disconnect() from the parent process.

If the Node.js process was not spawned with an IPC channel, process.disconnect() will be undefined.