返回标识操作系统平台的字符串。 该值在编译时设置。 可能的值有 'aix''darwin''freebsd''linux''openbsd''sunos''win32'

返回的值等价于 process.platform

如果 Node.js 在 Android 操作系统上构建,则也可能返回 'android' 值。 Android 的支持是实验性的

Returns a string identifying the operating system platform. The value is set at compile time. Possible values are 'aix', 'darwin', 'freebsd', 'linux', 'openbsd', 'sunos', and 'win32'.

The return value is equivalent to process.platform.

The value 'android' may also be returned if Node.js is built on the Android operating system. Android support is experimental.