模块的当前状态。 将是以下之一:

  • 'unlinked': 还没有被调用。

  • 'linking': 已被调用,但链接器函数返回的 Promise 尚未全部解决。

  • 'linked': 模块已成功链接,其所有依赖都已链接,但尚未调用 module.evaluate()

  • 'evaluating': 该模块正在通过自身或父模块上的 module.evaluate() 进行评估。

  • 'evaluated': 模块已成功评估。

  • 'errored': 模块已被评估,但抛出异常。

除了 'errored',此状态字符串对应于规范的循环模块记录[[Status]] 字段。 'errored' 对应于规范中的 'evaluated',但 [[EvaluationError]] 设置为不是 undefined 的值。

The current status of the module. Will be one of:

  • 'unlinked': has not yet been called.

  • 'linking': has been called, but not all Promises returned by the linker function have been resolved yet.

  • 'linked': The module has been linked successfully, and all of its dependencies are linked, but module.evaluate() has not yet been called.

  • 'evaluating': The module is being evaluated through a module.evaluate() on itself or a parent module.

  • 'evaluated': The module has been successfully evaluated.

  • 'errored': The module has been evaluated, but an exception was thrown.

Other than 'errored', this status string corresponds to the specification's Cyclic Module Record's [[Status]] field. 'errored' corresponds to 'evaluated' in the specification, but with [[EvaluationError]] set to a value that is not undefined.