如果 module.status'errored',则该属性包含模块在求值过程中抛出的异常。 如果状态是别的,访问这个属性会导致抛出异常。

undefined 不能用于由于可能与 throw undefined; 有歧义而没有抛出异常的情况。

对应于 ECMAScript 规范中循环模块记录[[EvaluationError]] 字段。

If the module.status is 'errored', this property contains the exception thrown by the module during evaluation. If the status is anything else, accessing this property will result in a thrown exception.

The value undefined cannot be used for cases where there is not a thrown exception due to possible ambiguity with throw undefined;.

Corresponds to the [[EvaluationError]] field of Cyclic Module Records in the ECMAScript specification.