new buffer.Blob([sources[, options]])

创建新的 Blob 对象,其中包含给定源的串接。

<ArrayBuffer><TypedArray><DataView><Buffer> 源被复制到 'Blob' 中,因此可以在创建 'Blob' 后安全地修改。

字符串源被编码为 UTF-8 字节序列并复制到 Blob 中。 每个字符串部分中不匹配的代理对将被 Unicode U+FFFD 替换字符替换。

Creates a new Blob object containing a concatenation of the given sources.

<ArrayBuffer>, <TypedArray>, <DataView>, and <Buffer> sources are copied into the 'Blob' and can therefore be safely modified after the 'Blob' is created.

String sources are encoded as UTF-8 byte sequences and copied into the Blob. Unmatched surrogate pairs within each string part will be replaced by Unicode U+FFFD replacement characters.