vm 虚拟机

vm 模块允许在 V8 虚拟机上下文中编译和运行代码。 vm 模块不是安全的机制。 不要使用它来运行不受信任的代码。

Stability: 2 - Stable

Source Code: lib/vm.js

The vm module enables compiling and running code within V8 Virtual Machine contexts. The vm module is not a security mechanism. Do not use it to run untrusted code.

JavaScript code can be compiled and run immediately or compiled, saved, and run later.

A common use case is to run the code in a different V8 Context. This means invoked code has a different global object than the invoking code.

One can provide the context by contextifying an object. The invoked code treats any property in the context like a global variable. Any changes to global variables caused by the invoked code are reflected in the context object.

const vm = require('vm');

const x = 1;

const context = { x: 2 };
vm.createContext(context); // Contextify the object.

const code = 'x += 40; var y = 17;';
// `x` and `y` are global variables in the context.
// Initially, x has the value 2 because that is the value of context.x.
vm.runInContext(code, context);

console.log(context.x); // 42
console.log(context.y); // 17

console.log(x); // 1; y is not defined.