response.end([data[, encoding]][, callback])

此方法向服务器发出信号,表明所有响应头和正文都已发送;该服务器应认为此消息已完成。 response.end() 方法必须在每个响应上调用。

如果指定了 data,则其效果类似于调用 response.write(data, encoding) 后跟 response.end(callback)

如果指定了 callback,则将在响应流完成时调用。

This method signals to the server that all of the response headers and body have been sent; that server should consider this message complete. The method, response.end(), MUST be called on each response.

If data is specified, it is similar in effect to calling response.write(data, encoding) followed by response.end(callback).

If callback is specified, it will be called when the response stream is finished.