• outputEncoding <string> 返回值的编码
  • 返回: <Buffer> | <string> 任何剩余的加密内容。 如果指定了 outputEncoding,则返回字符串。 如果未提供 outputEncoding,则返回 Buffer

一旦调用了 方法,则 Cipher 对象就不能再用于加密数据。 多次尝试调用 将导致抛出错误。

  • outputEncoding <string> The encoding of the return value.
  • Returns: <Buffer> | <string> Any remaining enciphered contents. If outputEncoding is specified, a string is returned. If an outputEncoding is not provided, a Buffer is returned.

Once the method has been called, the Cipher object can no longer be used to encrypt data. Attempts to call more than once will result in an error being thrown.