关闭父进程和子进程之间的 IPC 通道,一旦没有其他连接使其保持活动状态,则允许子进程正常退出。 调用此方法后,父子进程中的 subprocess.connectedprocess.connected 属性(分别)将设置为 false,进程之间将无法再传递消息。

Closes the IPC channel between parent and child, allowing the child to exit gracefully once there are no other connections keeping it alive. After calling this method the subprocess.connected and process.connected properties in both the parent and child (respectively) will be set to false, and it will be no longer possible to pass messages between the processes.

The 'disconnect' event will be emitted when there are no messages in the process of being received. This will most often be triggered immediately after calling subprocess.disconnect().

When the child process is a Node.js instance (e.g. spawned using child_process.fork()), the process.disconnect() method can be invoked within the child process to close the IPC channel as well.