buf.writeUInt8(value[, offset])

    value 写入 buf 中指定的 offsetvalue 必须是有效的无符号 8 位整数。 当 value 不是无符号 8 位整数时,则行为未定义。

    • value <integer> Number to be written to buf.
    • offset <integer> Number of bytes to skip before starting to write. Must satisfy 0 <= offset <= buf.length - 1. Default: 0.
    • Returns: <integer> offset plus the number of bytes written.

    Writes value to buf at the specified offset. value must be a valid unsigned 8-bit integer. Behavior is undefined when value is anything other than an unsigned 8-bit integer.

    This function is also available under the writeUint8 alias.

    const buf = Buffer.allocUnsafe(4);
    buf.writeUInt8(0x3, 0);
    buf.writeUInt8(0x4, 1);
    buf.writeUInt8(0x23, 2);
    buf.writeUInt8(0x42, 3);
    // Prints: <Buffer 03 04 23 42>