buf.readUIntBE(offset, byteLength)

    从指定的 offset 处的 buf 读取 byteLength 个字节,并将结果解释为支持最高 48 位精度的无符号大端序整数。

    • offset <integer> Number of bytes to skip before starting to read. Must satisfy 0 <= offset <= buf.length - byteLength.
    • byteLength <integer> Number of bytes to read. Must satisfy 0 < byteLength <= 6.
    • Returns: <integer>

    Reads byteLength number of bytes from buf at the specified offset and interprets the result as an unsigned big-endian integer supporting up to 48 bits of accuracy.

    This function is also available under the readUintBE alias.

    const buf = Buffer.from([0x12, 0x34, 0x56, 0x78, 0x90, 0xab]);
    console.log(buf.readUIntBE(0, 6).toString(16));
    // Prints: 1234567890ab
    console.log(buf.readUIntBE(1, 6).toString(16));
    // Throws ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE.