fsPromises.utimes(path, atime, mtime)

atimemtime 参数遵循以下规则:

  • 值可以是代表 Unix 纪元时间的数字、Date、或数字字符串(例如 '123456789.0')。
  • 如果该值不能转换为数字,或者是 NaNInfinity-Infinity,则将抛出 Error

Change the file system timestamps of the object referenced by path then resolves the Promise with no arguments upon success.

The atime and mtime arguments follow these rules:

  • Values can be either numbers representing Unix epoch time, Dates, or a numeric string like '123456789.0'.
  • If the value can not be converted to a number, or is NaN, Infinity or -Infinity, an Error will be thrown.