fs.opendirSync(path[, options])

同步地打开目录。 参见 opendir(3)

创建 fs.Dir,其中包含用于从目录读取和清理目录的所有进一步的函数。

encoding 选项设置在打开目录和随后的读取操作时 path 的编码。

  • path <string> | <Buffer> | <URL>
  • options <Object>
    • encoding <string> | <null> Default: 'utf8'
    • bufferSize <number> Number of directory entries that are buffered internally when reading from the directory. Higher values lead to better performance but higher memory usage. Default: 32
  • Returns: <fs.Dir>

Synchronously open a directory. See opendir(3).

Creates an fs.Dir, which contains all further functions for reading from and cleaning up the directory.

The encoding option sets the encoding for the path while opening the directory and subsequent read operations.