filehandle.writeFile(data, options)

异步地将数据写入文件,如果文件已经存在,则替换该文件。 data 可以是字符串或缓冲区。

如果 data 是缓冲区,则忽略 encoding 选项。

如果 options 是字符串,则它指定编码。

FileHandle 必须支持写入。

如果在文件句柄上进行了一次或多次 filehandle.write() 调用,然后进行 filehandle.writeFile() 调用,则数据将从当前位置写入,直到文件末尾。 它并不总是从文件的开头写入。

Asynchronously writes data to a file, replacing the file if it already exists. data can be a string or a buffer. The Promise will be resolved with no arguments upon success.

The encoding option is ignored if data is a buffer.

If options is a string, then it specifies the encoding.

The FileHandle has to support writing.

It is unsafe to use filehandle.writeFile() multiple times on the same file without waiting for the Promise to be resolved (or rejected).

If one or more filehandle.write() calls are made on a file handle and then a filehandle.writeFile() call is made, the data will be written from the current position till the end of the file. It doesn't always write from the beginning of the file.