assert.CallTracker 类

稳定性: 1 - 实验


Stability: 1 - Experimental

This feature is currently experimental and behavior might still change.

### new assert.CallTracker()

Creates a new CallTracker object which can be used to track if functions were called a specific number of times. The tracker.verify() must be called for the verification to take place. The usual pattern would be to call it in a process.on('exit') handler.

const assert = require('assert');

const tracker = new assert.CallTracker();

function func() {}

// callsfunc() must be called exactly 1 time before tracker.verify().
const callsfunc = tracker.calls(func, 1);


// Calls tracker.verify() and verifies if all tracker.calls() functions have
// been called exact times.
process.on('exit', () => {