返回一个对象,表示客户端连接上完美前向保密中临时密钥交换的参数的类型、名称和大小。 当密钥交换不是短暂的时,则它返回空对象。 因为这仅在客户端套接字上受支持;如果在服务器套接字上调用,则返回 null。 支持的类型是 'DH''ECDH'name 属性仅在类型为 'ECDH' 时可用。

例如:{ type: 'ECDH', name: 'prime256v1', size: 256 }

Returns an object representing the type, name, and size of parameter of an ephemeral key exchange in perfect forward secrecy on a client connection. It returns an empty object when the key exchange is not ephemeral. As this is only supported on a client socket; null is returned if called on a server socket. The supported types are 'DH' and 'ECDH'. The name property is available only when type is 'ECDH'.

For example: { type: 'ECDH', name: 'prime256v1', size: 256 }.