• 返回: <integer> 可用于引用此 timeout 的数字

Timeout 强制为原始类型。 该原始类型可用于清除 Timeout。 该原始类型只能在创建超时的同一线程中使用。 因此,要在 worker_threads 上使用它,则必须首先将其传给正确的线程。 这允许增强与浏览器 setTimeout()setInterval() 实现的兼容性。

  • Returns: <integer> a number that can be used to reference this timeout

Coerce a Timeout to a primitive. The primitive can be used to clear the Timeout. The primitive can only be used in the same thread where the timeout was created. Therefore, to use it across worker_threads it must first be passed to the correct thread. This allows enhanced compatibility with browser setTimeout() and setInterval() implementations.