稳定性: 0 - 弃用

指导 require 如何处理某些文件扩展名。

将扩展名为 .sjs 的文件处理为 .js

require.extensions['.sjs'] = require.extensions['.js'];

已弃用。 过去,此列表用于通过按需编译将非 JavaScript 模块加载到 Node.js 中。 但是,在实践中,有很多更好的方法可以做到这一点,例如通过其他一些 Node.js 程序加载模块,或者提前将它们编译为 JavaScript。

避免使用 require.extensions。 使用可能会导致细微的错误,并且每个注册的扩展程序解决扩展程序的速度都会变慢。

Stability: 0 - Deprecated

Instruct require on how to handle certain file extensions.

Process files with the extension .sjs as .js:

require.extensions['.sjs'] = require.extensions['.js'];

Deprecated. In the past, this list has been used to load non-JavaScript modules into Node.js by compiling them on-demand. However, in practice, there are much better ways to do this, such as loading modules via some other Node.js program, or compiling them to JavaScript ahead of time.

Avoid using require.extensions. Use could cause subtle bugs and resolving the extensions gets slower with each registered extension.