DEP0076: tls.parseCertString()

类型: 生命结束

tls.parseCertString() 是一个简单的解析助手,被错误地公开了。 虽然它应该解析证书主题和颁发者字符串,但它从未正确处理多值相对可分辨名称。

本文档的早期版本建议使用 querystring.parse() 作为 tls.parseCertString() 的替代品。 但是,querystring.parse() 也没有正确处理所有的证书主题,不应该使用。

Type: End-of-Life

tls.parseCertString() was a trivial parsing helper that was made public by mistake. While it was supposed to parse certificate subject and issuer strings, it never handled multi-value Relative Distinguished Names correctly.

Earlier versions of this document suggested using querystring.parse() as an alternative to tls.parseCertString(). However, querystring.parse() also does not handle all certificate subjects correctly and should not be used.