• options <Object>
      • timeout <integer> Specifies the number of milliseconds to evaluate before terminating execution. If execution is interrupted, an Error will be thrown. This value must be a strictly positive integer.
      • breakOnSigint <boolean> If true, receiving SIGINT (Ctrl+C) will terminate execution and throw an Error. Existing handlers for the event that have been attached via process.on('SIGINT') are disabled during script execution, but continue to work after that. Default: false.
    • Returns: <Promise> Fulfills with undefined upon success.

    Evaluate the module.

    This must be called after the module has been linked; otherwise it will reject. It could be called also when the module has already been evaluated, in which case it will either do nothing if the initial evaluation ended in success (module.status is 'evaluated') or it will re-throw the exception that the initial evaluation resulted in (module.status is 'errored').

    This method cannot be called while the module is being evaluated (module.status is 'evaluating').

    Corresponds to the Evaluate() concrete method field of Cyclic Module Records in the ECMAScript specification.