query 属性要么是不带前导 ASCII 问号 (?) 的查询字符串,要么是 querystring 模块的 parse() 方法返回的对象。 query 属性是字符串还是对象由传给 url.parse()parseQueryString 参数决定。

例如:'query=string'{'query': 'string'}

如果作为字符串返回,则不执行查询字符串的解码。 如果作为对象返回,则键和值都会被解码。

The query property is either the query string without the leading ASCII question mark (?), or an object returned by the querystring module's parse() method. Whether the query property is a string or object is determined by the parseQueryString argument passed to url.parse().

For example: 'query=string' or {'query': 'string'}.

If returned as a string, no decoding of the query string is performed. If returned as an object, both keys and values are decoded.