• preserveCursor <boolean> 如果为 true,则阻止将光标落点重置为 0

rl.prompt() 方法将 readline.Interface 实例配置的提示写入 output 中的新一行,以便为用户提供一个可供输入的新位置。

当调用时,如果 input 流已暂停,则 rl.prompt() 将恢复它。

如果 readline.Interface 创建时 output 被设置为 nullundefined,则不会写入提示。

  • preserveCursor <boolean> If true, prevents the cursor placement from being reset to 0.

The rl.prompt() method writes the readline.Interface instances configured prompt to a new line in output in order to provide a user with a new location at which to provide input.

When called, rl.prompt() will resume the input stream if it has been paused.

If the readline.Interface was created with output set to null or undefined the prompt is not written.