dlopen 常量

如果在操作系统上可用,则以下常量在 os.constants.dlopen 中导出。 有关详细信息,请参见 dlopen(3) 信息。

常量 描述
RTLD_LAZY 执行延迟绑定。 Node.js 默认设置此标志。
RTLD_NOW 在 dlopen(3) 返回之前解析库中的所有未定义符号。
RTLD_GLOBAL 库定义的符号将可用于后续加载的库的符号解析。
RTLD_LOCAL RTLD_GLOBAL 相反。 如果未指定任何标志,则这是默认行为。
RTLD_DEEPBIND 使一个独立的库使用自己的符号,而不是先前加载的库中的符号。

If available on the operating system, the following constants are exported in os.constants.dlopen. See dlopen(3) for detailed information.

Constant Description
RTLD_LAZY Perform lazy binding. Node.js sets this flag by default.
RTLD_NOW Resolve all undefined symbols in the library before dlopen(3) returns.
RTLD_GLOBAL Symbols defined by the library will be made available for symbol resolution of subsequently loaded libraries.
RTLD_LOCAL The converse of RTLD_GLOBAL. This is the default behavior if neither flag is specified.
RTLD_DEEPBIND Make a self-contained library use its own symbols in preference to symbols from previously loaded libraries.