socket.write(data[, encoding][, callback])

在 socket 上发送数据。第二个参数制定了字符串的编码。 默认是 UTF8 编码。

如果全部数据都成功刷新到内核的缓冲则返回 true。如果全部或部分数据在用户内中排队,则返回 false。当缓冲再次空闲的时候将触发 'drain' 事件。

当数据最终都被写出之后,可选的 callback 参数将会被执行(可能不会立即执行)。

详见 Writable 流的 write() 方法。

Sends data on the socket. The second parameter specifies the encoding in the case of a string. It defaults to UTF8 encoding.

Returns true if the entire data was flushed successfully to the kernel buffer. Returns false if all or part of the data was queued in user memory. 'drain' will be emitted when the buffer is again free.

The optional callback parameter will be executed when the data is finally written out, which may not be immediately.

See Writable stream write() method for more information.