server.listen(handle[, backlog][, callback])

启动一个服务器,监听已经绑定到端口、Unix 域套接字或 Windows 命名管道的给定 handle 上的连接。

handle 对象可以是服务器、套接字(任何具有底层 _handle 成员的东西),也可以是具有 fd 成员的对象,该成员是一个有效的文件描述符。

在 Windows 上不支持在文件描述符上进行监听。

Start a server listening for connections on a given handle that has already been bound to a port, a Unix domain socket, or a Windows named pipe.

The handle object can be either a server, a socket (anything with an underlying _handle member), or an object with an fd member that is a valid file descriptor.

Listening on a file descriptor is not supported on Windows.