一个用于创建 net.Socket 的工厂函数,立即使用 socket.connect() 初始化链接,然后返回启动连接的 net.Socket

当连接建立之后,在返回的 socket 上将触发一个 'connect' 事件。若制定了最后一个参数 connectListener,则它将会被添加到 'connect' 事件作为一个监听器。


net.connect() 函数也是该函数的别名。

A factory function, which creates a new net.Socket, immediately initiates connection with socket.connect(), then returns the net.Socket that starts the connection.

When the connection is established, a 'connect' event will be emitted on the returned socket. The last parameter connectListener, if supplied, will be added as a listener for the 'connect' event once.

Possible signatures:

The net.connect() function is an alias to this function.