Source Map V3 的支持

与源映射缓存交互的助手。 当启用源映射解析并且在模块的页脚中找到源映射包含指令时,则会填充此缓存。

Stability: 1 - Experimental

Helpers for interacting with the source map cache. This cache is populated when source map parsing is enabled and source map include directives are found in a modules' footer.

To enable source map parsing, Node.js must be run with the flag --enable-source-maps, or with code coverage enabled by setting NODE_V8_COVERAGE=dir.

// module.mjs
// In an ECMAScript module
import { findSourceMap, SourceMap } from 'node:module';// module.cjs
// In a CommonJS module
const { findSourceMap, SourceMap } = require('node:module');