• <number> 超时时间(以毫秒为单位)。默认值: 5000(5 秒)。

服务器在完成写入最后一个响应之后,在销毁套接字之前需要等待其他传入数据的非活动毫秒数。 如果服务器在保持活动超时被触发之前接收到新数据,它将重置常规非活动超时,即 server.timeout

值为 0 将禁用传入连接上的保持活动超时行为。 值为 0 使得 http 服务器的行为与 8.0.0 之前的 Node.js 版本类似,后者没有保持活动超时。


  • <number> Timeout in milliseconds. Default: 5000 (5 seconds).

The number of milliseconds of inactivity a server needs to wait for additional incoming data, after it has finished writing the last response, before a socket will be destroyed. If the server receives new data before the keep-alive timeout has fired, it will reset the regular inactivity timeout, i.e., server.timeout.

A value of 0 will disable the keep-alive timeout behavior on incoming connections. A value of 0 makes the http server behave similarly to Node.js versions prior to 8.0.0, which did not have a keep-alive timeout.

The socket timeout logic is set up on connection, so changing this value only affects new connections to the server, not any existing connections.