限制解析器等待接收完整 HTTP 请求头的时间。

如果不活动,则适用 server.timeout 中定义的规则。 但是,如果请求头发送速度非常慢(默认情况下,每 2 分钟最多一个字节),那么基于不活动的超时仍然允许连接保持打开状态。 为了防止这种情况,每当请求头数据到达时,进行额外的检查,自建立连接以来,没有超过 server.headersTimeout 毫秒。 如果检查失败,则在服务器对象上触发 'timeout' 事件,并且(默认情况下)套接字被销毁。 有关如何自定义超时行为的详细信息,请参见 server.timeout

Limit the amount of time the parser will wait to receive the complete HTTP headers.

In case of inactivity, the rules defined in server.timeout apply. However, that inactivity based timeout would still allow the connection to be kept open if the headers are being sent very slowly (by default, up to a byte per 2 minutes). In order to prevent this, whenever header data arrives an additional check is made that more than server.headersTimeout milliseconds has not passed since the connection was established. If the check fails, a 'timeout' event is emitted on the server object, and (by default) the socket is destroyed. See server.timeout for more information on how timeout behavior can be customized.