'upgrade' 事件

每次客户端请求 HTTP 升级时发出。 监听此事件是可选的,客户端无法坚持更改协议。

触发此事件后,请求的套接字将没有 'data' 事件监听器,这意味着它需要绑定才能处理发送到该套接字上的服务器的数据。

此事件保证传入 <net.Socket> 类(<stream.Duplex> 的子类)的实例,除非用户指定了 <net.Socket> 以外的套接字类型。

Emitted each time a client requests an HTTP upgrade. Listening to this event is optional and clients cannot insist on a protocol change.

After this event is emitted, the request's socket will not have a 'data' event listener, meaning it will need to be bound in order to handle data sent to the server on that socket.

This event is guaranteed to be passed an instance of the <net.Socket> class, a subclass of <stream.Duplex>, unless the user specifies a socket type other than <net.Socket>.