'checkContinue' 事件

每当接收到一个带有 HTTP Expect: 100-continue 请求头的请求时触发。 如果该事件未被监听,则服务器会自动响应 100 Continue

处理该事件时,如果客户端应该继续发送请求主体,则调用 response.writeContinue(),否则生成一个适当的 HTTP 响应(例如 400 错误请求)。

当该事件被触发且处理后,'request' 事件不会被触发。

Emitted each time a request with an HTTP Expect: 100-continue is received. If this event is not listened for, the server will automatically respond with a 100 Continue as appropriate.

Handling this event involves calling response.writeContinue() if the client should continue to send the request body, or generating an appropriate HTTP response (e.g. 400 Bad Request) if the client should not continue to send the request body.

Note that when this event is emitted and handled, the 'request' event will not be emitted.