• options <Object> 一组选项,为生成名称提供信息。
    • host <string> 请求发送至的服务器的域名或 IP 地址。
    • port <number> 远程服务器的端口。
    • localAddress <string> 为网络连接绑定的本地接口。
    • family <integer> 如果不等于 undefined,则必须为 4 或 6。
  • 返回: <string>

获取一组请求选项的唯一名称,以判定一个连接是否可以被重用。 对于 HTTP 代理,这返回 host:port:localAddresshost:port:localAddress:family。 对于 HTTPS 代理,该名称包括 CA、证书、密码、以及其他可判定套接字可重用性的 HTTPS/TLS 特有的选项。

  • options <Object> A set of options providing information for name generation
    • host <string> A domain name or IP address of the server to issue the request to
    • port <number> Port of remote server
    • localAddress <string> Local interface to bind for network connections when issuing the request
    • family <integer> Must be 4 or 6 if this doesn't equal undefined.
  • Returns: <string>

Get a unique name for a set of request options, to determine whether a connection can be reused. For an HTTP agent, this returns host:port:localAddress or host:port:localAddress:family. For an HTTPS agent, the name includes the CA, cert, ciphers, and other HTTPS/TLS-specific options that determine socket reusability.