fsPromises.mkdir(path[, options])


    Asynchronously creates a directory.

    The optional options argument can be an integer specifying mode (permission and sticky bits), or an object with a mode property and a recursive property indicating whether parent directories should be created. Calling fsPromises.mkdir() when path is a directory that exists results in a rejection only when recursive is false.

    import { mkdir } from 'node:fs/promises';
    try {
      const projectFolder = new URL('./test/project/', import.meta.url);
      const createDir = await mkdir(projectFolder, { recursive: true });
      console.log(`created ${createDir}`);
    } catch (err) {
    }const { mkdir } = require('node:fs/promises');
    const { resolve, join } = require('node:path');
    async function makeDirectory() {
      const projectFolder = join(__dirname, 'test', 'project');
      const dirCreation = await mkdir(projectFolder, { recursive: true });
      return dirCreation;