fs.rename(oldPath, newPath, callback)

    oldPath 处的文件异步重命名为作为 newPath 提供的路径名。 如果 newPath 已经存在,则它将被覆盖。 如果 newPath 是目录,则会引发错误。 除了可能的异常之外,没有为完成回调提供任何参数。

    Asynchronously rename file at oldPath to the pathname provided as newPath. In the case that newPath already exists, it will be overwritten. If there is a directory at newPath, an error will be raised instead. No arguments other than a possible exception are given to the completion callback.

    See also: rename(2).

    import { rename } from 'node:fs';
    rename('oldFile.txt', 'newFile.txt', (err) => {
      if (err) throw err;
      console.log('Rename complete!');