ReferenceError 类

表明试图访问一个未定义的变量。 此类错误通常表明代码有拼写错误或程序已损坏。

虽然客户端代码可能产生和传播这些错误,但在实践中,只有 V8 引擎会这么做。

// 抛出 ReferenceError,在这个程序中 doesNotExist 不是一个变量。

除非应用程序是动态地生成并运行代码,否则 ReferenceError 实例表示代码中或其依赖中的错误。

Indicates that an attempt is being made to access a variable that is not defined. Such errors commonly indicate typos in code, or an otherwise broken program.

While client code may generate and propagate these errors, in practice, only V8 will do so.

// Throws ReferenceError, doesNotExist is not a variable in this program.

Unless an application is dynamically generating and running code, ReferenceError instances indicate a bug in the code or its dependencies.