dns.resolveTxt(hostname, callback)

使用DNS协议处理文本查询主机名(TXT记录)。回调函数callback会返回records参数,它是一个文本记录与主机名一一对应的二维数组(例如:[ ['v=spf1 ip4: ', '~all' ] ]). 每个数组文本块包含一条记录。根据用例,这些可以是连接在一起或单独对待。

Uses the DNS protocol to resolve text queries (TXT records) for the hostname. The records argument passed to the callback function is a two-dimensional array of the text records available for hostname (e.g. [ ['v=spf1 ip4: ', '~all' ] ]). Each sub-array contains TXT chunks of one record. Depending on the use case, these could be either joined together or treated separately.