deprecation 弃用

Node.js API 可能由于以下任何原因而被弃用:

      Node.js APIs might be deprecated for any of the following reasons:

      • Use of the API is unsafe.
      • An improved alternative API is available.
      • Breaking changes to the API are expected in a future major release.

      Node.js uses three kinds of Deprecations:

      • Documentation-only
      • Runtime
      • End-of-Life

      A Documentation-only deprecation is one that is expressed only within the Node.js API docs. These generate no side-effects while running Node.js. Some Documentation-only deprecations trigger a runtime warning when launched with --pending-deprecation flag (or its alternative, NODE_PENDING_DEPRECATION=1 environment variable), similarly to Runtime deprecations below. Documentation-only deprecations that support that flag are explicitly labeled as such in the list of Deprecated APIs.

      A Runtime deprecation will, by default, generate a process warning that will be printed to stderr the first time the deprecated API is used. When the --throw-deprecation command-line flag is used, a Runtime deprecation will cause an error to be thrown.

      An End-of-Life deprecation is used when functionality is or will soon be removed from Node.js.