DEP0084: 需要捆绑的内部依赖项

类型: 生命结束

    Type: End-of-Life

    Since Node.js versions 4.4.0 and 5.2.0, several modules only intended for internal usage were mistakenly exposed to user code through require(). These modules were:

    • v8/tools/codemap
    • v8/tools/consarray
    • v8/tools/csvparser
    • v8/tools/logreader
    • v8/tools/profile_view
    • v8/tools/profile
    • v8/tools/SourceMap
    • v8/tools/splaytree
    • v8/tools/tickprocessor-driver
    • v8/tools/tickprocessor
    • node-inspect/lib/_inspect (from 7.6.0)
    • node-inspect/lib/internal/inspect_client (from 7.6.0)
    • node-inspect/lib/internal/inspect_repl (from 7.6.0)

    The v8/* modules do not have any exports, and if not imported in a specific order would in fact throw errors. As such there are virtually no legitimate use cases for importing them through require().

    On the other hand, node-inspect can be installed locally through a package manager, as it is published on the npm registry under the same name. No source code modification is necessary if that is done.