Certificate 类

SPKAC 最初是由 Netscape 实现的一种证书签名请求机制, 现在正式成为 HTML5's keygen element 的一部分.

crypto 模块提供 Certificate 类用于处理 SPKAC 数据. 最普遍的用法是处理 HTML5 keygen 元素 产生的输出. Node.js 内部使用 OpenSSL's SPKAC implementation 处理.

SPKAC is a Certificate Signing Request mechanism originally implemented by Netscape and was specified formally as part of HTML5's keygen element.

Note that <keygen> is deprecated since HTML 5.2 and new projects should not use this element anymore.

The crypto module provides the Certificate class for working with SPKAC data. The most common usage is handling output generated by the HTML5 <keygen> element. Node.js uses OpenSSL's SPKAC implementation internally.