返回子进程的 stdin 可写流。

如果子进程正在等待读取输入,则子进程不会继续直到流已通过 end() 关闭。

如果衍生子进程时 stdio[0] 被设为不是 'pipe' 的值,则返回 null

subprocess.stdinsubprocess.stdio[0] 的别名。 两个属性指向同一个值。

A Writable Stream that represents the child process's stdin.

Note that if a child process waits to read all of its input, the child will not continue until this stream has been closed via end().

If the child was spawned with stdio[0] set to anything other than 'pipe', then this will be null.

subprocess.stdin is an alias for subprocess.stdio[0]. Both properties will refer to the same value.