assert.notDeepStrictEqual(actual, expected[, message])

    检验深度严格不相等。 assert.deepStrictEqual() 的相反。

    Tests for deep strict inequality. Opposite of assert.deepStrictEqual().

    import assert from 'node:assert/strict';
    assert.notDeepStrictEqual({ a: 1 }, { a: '1' });
    // OKconst assert = require('node:assert/strict');
    assert.notDeepStrictEqual({ a: 1 }, { a: '1' });
    // OK

    If the values are deeply and strictly equal, an AssertionError is thrown with a message property set equal to the value of the message parameter. If the message parameter is undefined, a default error message is assigned. If the message parameter is an instance of an Error then it will be thrown instead of the AssertionError.