new Console(options)

    使用一个或两个可写流实例创建新的 Consolestdout 是用于打印日志或信息输出的可写流。 stderr 用于警告或错误输出。 如果未提供 stderr,则 stdout 用于 stderr

    • options <Object>
      • stdout <stream.Writable>
      • stderr <stream.Writable>
      • ignoreErrors <boolean> Ignore errors when writing to the underlying streams. Default: true.
      • colorMode <boolean> | <string> Set color support for this Console instance. Setting to true enables coloring while inspecting values. Setting to false disables coloring while inspecting values. Setting to 'auto' makes color support depend on the value of the isTTY property and the value returned by getColorDepth() on the respective stream. This option can not be used, if inspectOptions.colors is set as well. Default: 'auto'.
      • inspectOptions <Object> Specifies options that are passed along to util.inspect().
      • groupIndentation <number> Set group indentation. Default: 2.

    Creates a new Console with one or two writable stream instances. stdout is a writable stream to print log or info output. stderr is used for warning or error output. If stderr is not provided, stdout is used for stderr.

    const output = fs.createWriteStream('./stdout.log');
    const errorOutput = fs.createWriteStream('./stderr.log');
    // Custom simple logger
    const logger = new Console({ stdout: output, stderr: errorOutput });
    // use it like console
    const count = 5;
    logger.log('count: %d', count);
    // In stdout.log: count 5

    The global console is a special Console whose output is sent to process.stdout and process.stderr. It is equivalent to calling:

    new Console({ stdout: process.stdout, stderr: process.stderr });